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Working with my dad as a kid in our bike shop for over 20 years has given me the passion and the drive to continue his passion.

BMX as a kid was my pride and joy then and continues now.

I have been collecting and building old school BMX bikes for over 12 years.

About 4 years ago, trying to find some old bmx bits, I struggled to find what I needed at a reasonable price.
This made me think why can't we reproduce some of these parts.

We then started to list some of our sourced items on eBay under our eBay ID Imuskett. Continuing the growth we bought a number of other businesses and merged them all together. Well this started a snow ball which is still growing today. Some of us couldn't afford the PK's, HARO's, Mongooses as kids, but now things have changed for many of us.

Some great reproduction parts are becoming available at great prices and also some NOS parts are surprisingly showing up. Having been in the retail game for a long time we understand the importance of exceptional customer service and leading from the front.

We pride ourselves on making sure we keep 100% of our customers happy. With an amazing wife who takes care of the paper work, it gives me time to source and find new products. We are currently working on over 140 new items which will be available within the next 4 months. We have the biggest range and the best prices when it comes to old school bmx gear.

Others will copy and try so hard but will never deliver like old school BMX.







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